VLSI Fitness. More...

#include <rgavlsi.h>

Inheritance diagram for RFitnessVLSI:
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Public Member Functions

 RFitnessVLSI (void)
RFitnessVLSIoperator= (const RFitnessVLSI &f)
RFitnessVLSIoperator= (const double val)

Detailed Description

VLSI Fitness.

This class represent the fitness for the VLSI GA.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RFitnessVLSI ( void  )

Construct the fitness.

Member Function Documentation

RFitnessVLSI& operator= ( const RFitnessVLSI f)

Assignment operator with a fitness f.

RFitnessVLSI& operator= ( const double  val)

Assignment operator with a double value.