Center Placement Heuristic. More...

#include <rplacementcenter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RPlacementCenter (size_t maxobjs, bool calc, bool use, RRandom &r, RParamStruct *dist, RParamStruct *area, bool firstrandom, bool ori)
virtual void Init (RProblem2D *prob, RLayout *layout, RGrid *grid)
virtual void SearchValidPositions (RGeoInfo *info)
virtual void PostPlace (RGeoInfo *info, const RPoint &pos)
virtual void PostRun (void)
virtual ~RPlacementCenter (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RPlacementHeuristic
 RPlacementHeuristic (size_t maxobjs, bool calc, bool use, RRandom &r, RParamStruct *dist, RParamStruct *area, bool firstrandom, bool ori)
RGeoInfoNextObject (void)
void Run (RProblem2D *prob, RLayout *layout, RGrid *grid)
void AddValidPosition (RPoint &pos)
RRect GetResult (void)
double GetDistances (void)
bool IsEnd (void)
size_t GetNbObjsOk (void)
RFreePolygonsGetFreePolygons (void)
RLayoutGetLayout (void) const
virtual ~RPlacementHeuristic (void)

Private Attributes

RPolygons Sol
RPolygon Union
RPoint Attraction

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RPlacementHeuristic
virtual RGeoInfoSelectNextObject (void)
- Protected Attributes inherited from RPlacementHeuristic
RSize Limits
bool WeightedDistances
size_t NbObjs
size_t NbObjsOk
RRect Result
double Distances
RGeoInfo ** Order
RFreePolygons Free
bool CalcFree
bool UseFree
bool AllOri
RContainer< ObjectPos, true,
false > 
RPromKernel Prom
const RParamDistParams
const RParamAreaParams
bool FirstRandom

Detailed Description

Center Placement Heuristic.

The RPlacementCenter class provides the center heuristic. The heuristic places the first object in the center of the rectangle representing the limits. After that, the objects are placed so that the resulting rectangle is proportional to the limits.
The heuristic doubles the limits of the result during the placement. The PostRun method make then a translation of the bottom-left coin of the resulting rectangle to (0,0).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RPlacementCenter ( size_t  maxobjs,
bool  calc,
bool  use,
RRandom r,
RParamStruct dist,
RParamStruct area,
bool  firstrandom,
bool  ori 

Construct the center heuristic.

maxobjsThe maximal number of objects to place.
calcMust free polygons be calculated.
useMust free polygons be used.
rThe random generator to use.
distDistance criteria parameters.
areaArea criteria parameters.
firstrandomMust the first object be placed randomly?
oriMust all orientation be tested.
virtual ~RPlacementCenter ( void  )

Destruct the heuristic.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Init ( RProblem2D prob,
RLayout layout,
RGrid grid 

Initialise the heuristic.

probThe problem.

Reimplemented from RPlacementHeuristic.

virtual void SearchValidPositions ( RGeoInfo info)

Calculate all the possible positions to place a given object. The method must register these valid positions with the 'AddValidPosition' method.

infoGeometric information representing the object placed.

Implements RPlacementHeuristic.

virtual void PostPlace ( RGeoInfo info,
const RPoint pos 

This method is called each time a given object is placed at a given position. It can be used to make some specific computational updates.

This method must update Result, the rectangle bounding all placed objects.

infoGeometric information representing the object placed.
posThe position where it is placed.

Implements RPlacementHeuristic.

virtual void PostRun ( void  )

Do some operations after the run.

Reimplemented from RPlacementHeuristic.

Member Data Documentation

RPolygons Sol

The list of all the polygons representing objects already placed.

RPolygon Union

The union of the placed objects.

RPoint Attraction

The attraction point, the middle of the limits rectangle.