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#include <nngga.h>

Collaboration diagram for RParamsNN:

Public Member Functions

 RParamsNN (void)

Public Attributes

size_t PopSize
size_t MaxGen
bool Step
size_t StepGen
double MinSimLevel
double MinAgreement
double MinDisagreement
bool Incremental
size_t NbMinObjs
size_t NbMaxObjs

Detailed Description

NNGGA Parameters.

The RParamNN represents all the parameter used in the Nearest Neighbors Grouping Genetic Algorithm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RParamsNN ( void  )


Member Data Documentation

size_t PopSize

Size of the population of the GA.

size_t MaxGen

Maximal number of generation to run.

bool Step

Is the GA in step mode?

size_t StepGen

Number of generation for each step.

double MinSimLevel

Minimum threshold for similarity between the objects.

double MinAgreement

Minimum threshold for the agreement ratio.

double MinDisagreement

Minimum threshold for the disagreement ratio.

RParam* ParamsSim

Parameter for the criterion "Similarity".

RParam* ParamsAgreement

Parameter for the criterion "Agreement".

RParam* ParamsDisagreement

Parameter for the criterion "Disagreement".

bool Incremental

Incremental mode. The NNGA constructs the chromosomes from existing solutions.

size_t NbMinObjs

Minimum number of objects per groups.

size_t NbMaxObjs

Maximum number of objects per group.