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#include <gpluginmanager.h>

Inheritance diagram for GPlugInList:

Public Member Functions

 GPlugInList (GPlugInManager *mng, const R::RString &name)
virtual void HandlerNotFound (const R::RNotification &notification)
R::RString GetName (void) const
int Compare (const GPlugInList &list) const
int Compare (const R::RString &name) const
size_t GetNbFactories (void) const
R::RCursor< GPlugInFactoryGetFactories (void) const
size_t GetNbPlugIns (void) const
template<class plugin >
R::RCastCursor< GPlugIn, plugin > GetPlugIns (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RObject
 RObject (const RString &name=RString::Null)
int Compare (const RObject &obj) const
RString GetName (void) const
virtual RCString GetClassName (void) const
void PostNotification (const hNotification handle)
void PostNotification (const RCString &name)
void PostNotification (const hNotification handle, T data)
void PostNotification (const RCString &name, T data)
void InsertObserver (tNotificationHandler handler, const hNotification handle, RObject *object)
void InsertObserver (tNotificationHandler handler, const RCString &name, RObject *object)
void InsertObserver (tNotificationHandler handler, const hNotification handle)
void InsertObserver (tNotificationHandler handler, const RCString &name)
void InsertObserver (tNotificationHandler handler, RObject *object)
void InsertObserver (tNotificationHandler handler)
void DeleteObserver (void)
void DeleteObserver (const hNotification handle, RObject *object)
void DeleteObserver (const RCString &name, RObject *object)
hNotification GetNotificationHandle (const RCString &name) const
RCString GetNotificationName (const hNotification handle) const
virtual ~RObject (void)

Private Member Functions

void CreateConfig (void)
void Create (GSession *session)
void Disconnect (GSession *session)
void Delete (void)

Private Attributes

R::RString Name
R::RContainer< GPlugInFactory,
true, true > 
R::RContainer< GPlugIn, false,
true > 

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from RObject
RString Name

Detailed Description

Plug-in List.

The GPlugInList manages a given list of plug-ins. It is manage by an instance of GPlugInManager. Some lists have a current plug-in.

Each time a new current plug-in is selected, GPlugInList emits a GALILEI::hCurrentPlugIn notification with the current plug-in as parameter ( of de type GPluIn). The internal name of a list is composed from the name of the manager and its name separated by a | (for example "Measures|Features Evaluation"). The name of a list is the one of the manager if there is only one list (for example "Storage|Storage").

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GPlugInList ( GPlugInManager mng,
const R::RString name 

Constructor for the list of plug-ins.

mngManager of the list.
nameName of the list.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void HandlerNotFound ( const R::RNotification notification)

This method is call when no handler is founded for a notification send by the session. Actually, it does nothing.


Reimplemented from RObject.

R::RString GetName ( void  ) const

Get the name of the plug-in list.

int Compare ( const GPlugInList list) const

Comparison method needed by R::RContainer.

listPlug-ins list to compare.
int Compare ( const R::RString name) const

Comparison method needed by R::RContainer.

nameName to compare.
size_t GetNbFactories ( void  ) const

Get the number of factories registered.

R::RCursor<GPlugInFactory> GetFactories ( void  ) const

Get a cursor over the registered factories.

size_t GetNbPlugIns ( void  ) const

Get the number of enabled plug-ins.

R::RCastCursor<GPlugIn,plugin> GetPlugIns ( void  ) const

Get a cursor over the enabled plug-ins.

void CreateConfig ( void  )

Apply the configuration parameters.

void Create ( GSession session)

Create the plug-ins for a given session.

sessionPointer to the session.
void Disconnect ( GSession session)

Disconnect the plug-ins for a given session.

sessionPointer to the session.
void Delete ( void  )

Delete the plug-ins.

Member Data Documentation

R::RString Name

The name of the list.

R::RContainer<GPlugInFactory,true,true> Factories


R::RContainer<GPlugIn,false,true> Plugins

Enabled plug-ins.

GPlugIn* Current

Current selected plug-in.

GPlugInManager* Mng

The manager of the list.