#include <glang.h>

Inheritance diagram for GLangFactory:

Public Member Functions

 GLangFactory (GPlugInManager *mng, const R::RString &name, const R::RString &desc, const R::RString &lib)
virtual void CreateStopWords (R::RContainer< R::RString, true, false > &stop, R::RString &code, R::RString &name)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from GPlugInFactory
 GPlugInFactory (GPlugInManager *mng, const R::RString &name, const R::RString &desc, const R::RString &lib, const R::RString &list)
int GetLevel (void) const
void SetLevel (int level)
R::RString GetName (void) const
R::RString GetDesc (void) const
R::RString GetList (void) const
GPlugInManagerGetMng (void) const
void SetAbout (About_t dlg)
void SetConfig (void *dlg)
void SetHandler (void *handle)
void SetDlgHandler (void *handleDlg)
int Compare (const GPlugInFactory &f) const
int Compare (const R::RString &name) const
int Compare (const size_t level) const
virtual GPlugInNewPlugIn (GSession *session)=0
void Create (GSession *session)
void Delete (void)
void About (void)
void Configure (void)
void InsertParam (R::RParam *param)
void ApplyConfig (void)
bool HasAbout (void) const
bool HasConfigure (void) const
virtual const char * GetAPIVersion (void) const =0
GPlugInManagerGetMng (void)
GPlugInGetPlugIn (void) const
template<class plugin >
plugin * GetPlugIn (void) const
bool IsCreated (void) const
R::RString GetLib (void) const
const char * GetVersion (void) const
virtual ~GPlugInFactory (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GPlugInFactory
typedef void(* About_t )()
typedef bool *(* Configure_t )(GPlugIn *)
- Protected Attributes inherited from GPlugInFactory
R::RString Name
R::RString Desc
int Level
R::RString Lib
About_t AboutDlg
void * ConfigDlg
void * Handle
void * HandleDlg
R::RString List

Detailed Description

The GLangFactory is a factory for a language plug-in. The main element is a specific method to get the stopwords, the name and the code of the language.

In practice, if the CREATE_LANG_FACTORY macro is used (which is the right thing to do), it is only necessary to create a static method GetStopWords in the created plugin. Here is an example:

void MyLanguage::GetStopWords(RContainer<RString,true,false>& stop)
stop.InsertPtr(new RString("a"));
stop.InsertPtr(new RString("able"));
stop.InsertPtr(new RString("about"));

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLangFactory ( GPlugInManager mng,
const R::RString name,
const R::RString desc,
const R::RString lib 


mngManager of the plug-in.
nameName of the language (the code).
descDescription of the plug-in (the name of the language).
libLibrary of the Factory/Plug-in.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CreateStopWords ( R::RContainer< R::RString, true, false > &  stop,
R::RString code,
R::RString name 
pure virtual

Fill a container with all the stop words associated with the language.

codeCode of the language (must be filled by the function.
nameName of the language (must be filled by the function.