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#include <gfilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for GFilter:

Public Member Functions

 GFilter (GSession *session, GPlugInFactory *fac)
void AddMIME (const R::RString &mime)
void AddScheme (const R::RString &scheme)
virtual R::RURI GetValidURI (const R::RURI &uri, bool &mustdelete)
virtual void Analyze (GDocAnalyze *analyzer, const GDoc *doc, const R::RURI &file)=0
virtual R::RString GetTextFragment (GDoc *doc, size_t begin, size_t end)
virtual ~GFilter (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GPlugIn
 GPlugIn (GSession *session, GPlugInFactory *fac)
virtual void ApplyConfig (void)
void InsertParam (R::RParam *param)
template<class T >
T * FindParam (const R::RString &name)
R::RCursor< R::RParamGetParams (const R::RString &cat=R::RString::Null)
void GetCategories (R::RContainer< R::RString, true, false > &cats)
virtual void Init (void)
virtual void CreateConfig (void)
virtual void Reset (void)
GPlugInFactoryGetFactory (void) const
int Compare (const GPlugIn &plugin) const
int Compare (const R::RString &plugin) const
R::RString GetName (void) const
R::RString GetDesc (void) const
GSessionGetSession (void) const
virtual void Done (void)
virtual ~GPlugIn (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from GPlugIn
size_t Id

Detailed Description

Generic Filter.

The GFilter class provides a generic filter that extracts text from a document of a given type. In practice, the filter calls the methods Extract* from the GDocAnalyze class.

Each filter is associated with a given set of MIME types. This association is used to determine which filter should extracts the text from a document.

See the documentation related to GPlugIn for more general information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GFilter ( GSession session,
GPlugInFactory fac 

Construct the filter.

virtual ~GFilter ( void  )

Destruct the filter.

Member Function Documentation

void AddMIME ( const R::RString mime)

Add a specific MIME-Type for the filter.

mimeName of the MIME-Type.
void AddScheme ( const R::RString scheme)

Add a specific scheme for the filter.

schemeName of the scheme.
virtual R::RURI GetValidURI ( const R::RURI uri,
bool &  mustdelete 

Get a valid URI (something that a normal RFile can handle) and specify if the corresponding document must be deleted (because it is temporary file) or not once the caller does not need it anymore.

uriOriginal URI.
mustdeleteMust the document be deleted by the caller (modified by the function.
an URI.
virtual void Analyze ( GDocAnalyze analyzer,
const GDoc doc,
const R::RURI file 
pure virtual

Analyze a document with a given URI. This method must be re-implemented by all filters.

docDocument to analyze.
fileFile to analyze (eventually a local copy of a remote document).
virtual R::RString GetTextFragment ( GDoc doc,
size_t  begin,
size_t  end 

Extract a text fragment. This method can be re-implemented by filters.

docDocument to extract from.
beginBeginning position.
endEnding position.
a string containing the text fragment.