Description Set Data. More...

#include <gdescriptionset.h>

Public Member Functions

 GDescriptionSetData (GSession *session)
bool IsDirty (void) const
virtual ~GDescriptionSetData (void)

Protected Attributes

bool Dirty

Detailed Description

Description Set Data.

The GDescriptionSetData provides a representation for a piece of data associated to a GDescriptionSet. In practice, methods that compute some data based on a description set create their own class. This inherited class is responsible to set the member variable Dirty to false once a computation is done.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GDescriptionSetData ( GSession session)

Construct the data.

virtual ~GDescriptionSetData ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

bool IsDirty ( void  ) const

Define if the data is dirty or not.

Member Data Documentation

bool Dirty

Must the data be recomputed.