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#include <gconceptnode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GConceptNode (GConceptTree *tree, tTokenType type, size_t conceptid, size_t synpos, size_t pos, size_t depth)
virtual void Clear (void)
GConceptTreeGetTree (void) const
GConceptNodeGetParent (void) const
GConceptNodeGetFirst (void) const
GConceptNodeGetNext (void) const
size_t GetNbNodes (void) const
size_t GetNbTotalNodes (void) const
void Print (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GConceptRecord
 GConceptRecord (void)
 GConceptRecord (const GConceptRecord &rec)
 GConceptRecord (size_t conceptid)
 GConceptRecord (tTokenType type, size_t conceptid, size_t synpos, size_t pos, size_t syndepth, size_t idx, size_t nbchildren)
int Compare (const GConceptRecord &node) const
tTokenType GetType (void) const
size_t GetConceptId (void) const
size_t GetSyntacticPos (void) const
size_t GetPos (void) const
size_t GetSyntacticDepth (void) const
size_t GetIndex (void) const
size_t GetNbChildren (void) const
GConceptRecordoperator= (const GConceptRecord &rec)
bool operator== (const GConceptRecord &rec) const
bool operator!= (const GConceptRecord &rec) const
void Clear (void)
void Print (void) const
virtual ~GConceptRecord (void)

Private Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from GConceptRecord
tTokenType Type
size_t ConceptId
size_t SyntacticPos
size_t Pos
size_t SyntacticDepth
size_t Index
size_t NbChildren

Detailed Description

Concept Node.

The GConceptNode provides a representation for an occurrence of a concept in a document tree, i.e. a concept node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GConceptNode ( GConceptTree tree,
tTokenType  type,
size_t  conceptid,
size_t  synpos,
size_t  pos,
size_t  depth 

Construct a concept node.

treeTree of the node.
typeType of the token.
conceptidIdentifier of the concept.
synposSyntactic position.
posPosition in the file.
syndepthSyntactic depth of the record.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Clear ( void  )

Clear the node.

GConceptTree* GetTree ( void  ) const
the tree of the node.
GConceptNode* GetParent ( void  ) const
the parent of the node. If null, the node is a top node.
GConceptNode* GetFirst ( void  ) const
the first child node. If null, the node has no children.
GConceptNode* GetNext ( void  ) const
the next node of the same parent. If null, the node is the last one.
size_t GetNbNodes ( void  ) const
the number of child nodes.
size_t GetNbTotalNodes ( void  ) const
the total number of child nodes (including all possible children).
void Print ( void  ) const

Simply print the node information on the screen;

Member Data Documentation

GConceptTree* Tree

Tree of the node.